Nourishing Essentials

First and foremost, I will start by saying that I am going to be honest in my reviews. I do not want you spending money on products that I know will not be beneficial to you. Yes, I am aware that different products work differently depending on the individual; however, these products I am reviewing are, how can I put it……simple. The products that I believe to be genetic specific (you know the girl who just have natural smooth skin anyway?), I will do my best to make sure these products are identified. So here we go!

  1. The face steamer is a must have for my beauty routine, simply because it hydrates skin and minimizes pores. Is it worth the $150? No. I am pretty sure any steamer from Amazon would work just as good. Do I think a steamer should be part of your routine? Absolutely, but not this one. Not to mention that it smells like newborn baby caca. I thought it was just mine but after reading other reviews, it’s a common smell with these steamers. I purchased mine from Sephora.
  2. A friend of mine reminded me just how good the Thayers Witch Hazel mist is and she’s right. This was a staple in my beauty routine in 2017 when my skin was at its best! But watching Youtubers and other influencers review expensive products that swears to do the same thing, I tossed “old faithful” to the side. After a week of using this bad boy again, my skin stays moist and hydrated throughout the day and my pores have reduced in size. The Herbivore Rose mist is good for hydration as well but not so much pores. I purchased mine from Target.
  3. VITAMINS! I thought the HUM Vitamins were going to be a waste of my time and $20 but no-no. Not at all. Between drinking the required water amount for my height and size and taking these skin vitamins, my dry skin and eczema is healing. Not to mention I have a glow to my face. I purchased mine from Sephora.
  4. Garden of Life Whole Food vitamins were the brand of vitamins I was taking when I was pregnant with my son (I took the prenatals of course). I remember our nurse praising me for taking such “great” vitamins. My hair took off with these vitamins and my body felt great. I’ve been taking these for a month now and I’m feeling as good as I did last year. I purchased mine from The Vitamin Shoppe.
  5. The Herbivore Lip Balm. I am glad this came in a kit and I did not pay full price for this product. While I love the scrub and the facial mist, the lip balm falls so short. Whose lips is this product moisturizing? I don’t want the beauty supply level of gloss but I still want to be able to see some moisture on my lips. Do not bother buying or even trying.

Face steamer by Dr. Dennis Gross $150
Thayers Witch Hazel in Lavender $8
HUM Daily Cleanse skin vitamins $20
Garden of Life Vitamins $25

Stay tuned for my product reviews and even leave a comment for products you want me to try and review!

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