One Leg Up & a Starbucks Cup!

I am pretty sure you have seen this pose one too many times from our favorite bloggers and even bloggers we are not too familiar with. It is the ever common pose where our subject is positioned in the driver’s (or sometimes passenger’s) seat of their vehicle, with one leg folded up in the seat, and nice dainty manicured hands embracing a warm or cold latte of choice. Do not get me wrong! I love Starbucks just as much as the next person and have no qualms about making it known that I have a sparkly gold Starbucks card in my wallet (“Rewards, please!“).

But what this pose suggests to me is something that is entirely different than just a love for a latte. This one “signature” pose not only made me question the opinions and honesty of a product that the subject is “selling” (“Do they really like it, or doing it because everyone else is?“), but it made me question as a blogger, and potential influencer, if I wanted to tailor my Instagram/blog to fit in with the typical, cookie-cutter format. The answer was a simple, no.

What this pose says to me is that this is a club, and unless you do what we do, then you will not be a part of this committee; that we are the celebrities of social media and this is what you must do and look like to be a part of the club. A mere status symbol it is. It says to me that thinking outside of the box and bringing forth originality is a quality that is no longer of value. But wait! Could it be that this pose is one of the “keys” to gaining a lot of followers in the same niche? Especially if there is a designer bag within the same shot? Possibly. I mean after all, we all eventually want a good following if we are going to be completely honest. But shouldn’t we offer our followers something more than repetition? Shouldn’t we offer them less cliches and more humility? Allow them to see that we as bloggers/influencers are just like them except our hobby or decision to influence is to benefit them, not to seem separate or apart from them?

I am a teacher, a fiance, and soon to be mother. However, I made the decision to not appear as though I have tons of papers to grade, a wedding to plan and birthing classes to take. I want to show women like me that they do not have to lose themselves when they take on multiple roles. Yes, it is easy for us to want to roll out of bed, throw on a tee and leggings, toss our hair in a bun and call it a day. But I want teachers, mothers, working moms, SAHM, and women alike to see that luxury is not a limit, and being fashionable and still taking on the world and all of its tasks is doable, obtainable, and admirable. Most importantly, I want to show authenticity and humility…

….and if I just so happen to be doing it all while holding a Cinnamon Dolce Latte or Chai tea, then that is great! But not because others are doing it or to be a part of a clique; but because I seriously enjoy a perfectly crafted beverage!

Do something out of the ordinary.

Show that we are one!

After all, we are all one big nationwide girl gang.

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